Canadians are healthy in general, but our country faces many health-related challenges. Approximately two in five Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in Canada in their lifetime.[1]

Another disturbing trend is reports of serious illnesses striking at younger ages. Younger Canadians find it difficult to pay for treatments and medications not covered by provincial plans. At the same time, they may be advancing in their careers, making car and mortgage payments, and taking care of children.[2] A critical illness can have a serious impact on a client.

We’ve made a good thing better by taking a client-first approach to enhancing our Sun CII product,” says Liane Goulet, Director, Individual Health Insurance. “We’ve made it easier for clients to access their benefits by expanding their coverage, without increasing the price, so they can focus on what’s most important to them – their recovery.”

There’s good news, however. More Canadians than ever are surviving life-altering illnesses. There are close to a million cancer survivors in Canada today, according to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Clients can proactively defend themselves with insurance that helps protect them from the financial stress that inevitably comes from living with a critical illness. Unlike disability insurance, the critical illness insurance (CII) payment isn’t linked to a client’s inability to return to work, and they can use the one-time payment for anything they want.

Sun Life Financial has combined the strength of Sun Critical Illness Insurance (Sun CII) with some great enhancements to make this solution even better.

Enhanced coverage for more illnesses

Sun CII includes 26 full payout illnesses, with coverage for Acquired brain injury (ABI) and Loss of independent existence (LOIE) built into all plans. We’ve increased the number of partial payout illnesses from six to eight, adding partial payout coverage for two more cancers:

  • Gastrointestinal stromal tumours classified as AJCC Stage 1, and
  • Grade 1 neuroendocrine tumours (carcinoid).

Sun CII partial payments are 15% of the full benefit amount, to a maximum of $50,000. The partial payment doesn’t reduce the full benefit amount or any returnable premiums of the policy.

Peace of mind at claim time

Sun Life has eliminated the survival period from all non-cardiovascular covered illnesses – a first in the CII market. Previously, clients had to survive their illness after diagnosis for a period of time, varying from 30 to 90 days, to receive a CII payment. Diagnosed clients can now submit claims right away and may receive their benefits sooner.

Competitive premiums and underwriting requirements

Sun CII premiums are competitive when compared to similar coverage offered by leading Canadian insurers. Sun Life Financial also has some of the most competitive and minimally intrusive underwriting requirements in the industry, making it easier to apply for Sun CII.

Choice and flexibility

Designed with clients in mind, Sun CII offers a wide variety of options, such as:

  • return of premium on cancellation or expiry on all plans, including T10,
  • a conversion option that lets clients convert some or all of their critical illness insurance benefit to long-term care insurance, and
  • the option to pay off coverage faster – including the unique 15 pay option on T75.

A great foundation for children

A child’s serious illness can affect the whole family physically, emotionally and financially. Child critical illness insurance can help ease the strain. Sun CII has unique benefits designed just for children that can contribute financially to their futures – even if they don’t suffer an illness in childhood. Choosing to put CII in place when a child is young can mean affordable, guaranteed coverage for life. A Sun CII policy can also be a great gift for grandparents to give a child or young adult.

Strength and experience

Sun Life Financial was one of the first companies in the financial services industry to offer critical illness insurance in Canada and is a leader in the health insurance market.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to evolve our products and make them even better for clients,” says Liane Goulet, Director, Individual Health Insurance. “Now’s a great time to discuss Sun CII and deliver strong value to clients.”

Learn more about Sun CII

  • This video explains how Sun CII does the right thing by putting clients first.
  • Take two minutes and show clients how a serious illness could affect their finances. The critical illness insurance calculator will help clients see how things such as lost income and health-care expenses could affect their financial situation.

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If you have questions about Sun CII, contact the insurance sales support team.

These policy enhancements apply only to Sun Critical Illness Insurance which is sold to individuals and do not apply to the critical illness insurance product available to group clients.

[1] How healthy are Canadians?, Public Health Agency of Canada, April 11, 2017.[2] Anna Sharratt, “A serious illness at a young age can trigger a financial crisis,” The Globe and Mail, May 16, 2017.