Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual?1 So for many clients, visual tools will likely go a long way in helping them understand and remember a concept or discussion.

The interactive tools, demonstrations, videos and retirement planning resources on Sun Life Financial’s Money for Life web app can bring retirement planning to life, help your clients through the sales process, and help you grow both your wealth and insurance business.

Watch this short video to learn more about it, and then check it out for yourself. Simply visit sunlife.ca/advisor and click on Money for Life web app — it’s that easy.

This chart highlights just a few of the helpful resources you’ll find:

What’s it called? What does it do? Where will you find it on the web app?
Annuity & GIC income comparison Compares the income needed from a life annuity with no guaranteed period, to that of a GIC. sunlife.ca/webapp/annuitygic
Longevity risk illustrator Shows clients how long they could live and the health risks they may face as they age. sunlife.ca/webapp/longevityrisk
Buy now, buy later Helps clients understand the trade-offs associated with delaying a life annuity purchase. sunlife.ca/webapp/buynowbuylater
Sustainable income demo Demonstrates what adding a life annuity to a retirement income plan can do. sunlife.ca/webapp/sustainableincome
Your health, your retirement Explores how health can affect retirement and what clients can do about it. sunlife.ca/webapp/yourhealth

These tools and calculators are designed to help clients clearly see and understand the risks they’ll face. They allow you to plug-and-play information to produce reports that show how different scenarios may affect your clients’ retirement plans, allowing you to present solutions to fit their needs.

We’re here to help

Helping Canadians plan for their needs and manage their risks is part of Money for Life — Sun Life Financial’s customized approach to financial and retirement planning. Find the full suite of Money for Life resources on www.sunlife.ca/moneyforlifeadvisor.

To learn more about growing your business with the Money for Life web app, talk with a member of your Sun Life sales team.

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