Readers’ choice: Top 2014 Sun Life Retirement Resource Centre articles

The new year is a time of reflection. At the Retirement Resource Centre, it has prompted us to look back on some of the most popular Sun Life expert opinions and articles of 2014. We covered a variety of topics this past year such as longevity, guaranteed retirement income, and second careers, to name a few. As always, the goal is to provide you with the information, tools and resources you need to better support Canada’s growing retirement market. What topics do you want to see covered in the coming months? Email your suggestions to

Here are the three most-read Sun Life expert opinions of 2014:

1. The wealthy don’t need insurance – or so they think

A common belief among affluent Canadians is that they can easily self-insure against life’s challenges. Insurance isn’t relevant to them — so why even discuss it with an advisor? In this blog, Rocco Taglioni, Senior Vice-President, Distribution and Marketing, Individual Insurance and Wealth, shares highlights of the “Life insurance for the wealthy: the myth-busting benefits” Bright Paper, demonstrating how your high-net-worth clients can benefit from insurance. Read more.

2. Money in Motion: Canadians’ need for advice from a trusted advisor has never been stronger

This first article in the Money in Motion series from Sun Life Financial’s Dean Connor, President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses the opportunity now at your doorstep: baby boomers, the largest segment of the Canadian population, are retiring and converting assets to retirement income, and this is expected to continue for the next decade or so. This means money is in motion unlike ever before in Canada and you have the unique opportunity to serve Canadians during this incredible transfer of wealth. Read more.

3. Your Clients Are Living Longer – Are They Ready For Their Longer Retirement Run?

Clients who gamble on not living past age 90 increase their risk of running out of money in retirement. Using longevity statistics in discussions with your clients can lead to conversations about retirement income and the need to extend their planning horizons to reflect today’s realities. Because Canadians are living longer and leading more active lives, they need to consider a retirement lasting 20 or 30 years, or longer. This article from Rocco Taglioni, Senior Vice-President, Distribution and Marketing, Individual Insurance and Wealth, examines three things you can do that could lead to a better retirement income plan for your clients. Read more.

Here are the three most-read Sun Life articles of 2014:

1. New Tool Shows Your Clients How Their Longer Lives Can Affect Their Retirement

Estimating your clients’ lifespans with greater accuracy can give you an edge in retirement income planning. Unlike a life expectancy calculator that provides only a single weighted average age, the new Longevity Risk Illustrator on the Money for Life web app considers the probability of living to different ages based on current age, gender and relationship status. This interactive tool can show your clients how long they’ll need retirement income and some of the risks associated with living longer. Read more.

2. What If Your Clients Ask, “Should I Pay Down My Mortgage Or Save For Retirement?”

Many Canadians are choosing to pay down their mortgage instead of saving for retirement. Are they doing the right thing? This article takes a closer look at the “pay off debt vs. save” question and some research revealing Canadians’ intentions, giving you more resources to advise your clients. Talking with your clients about their priorities and showing them various debt repayment and savings combinations will help them make the right financial decisions for their retirement planning. Read more.

3. Three Financial Scams Your Clients May Encounter

When clients are in their 50s, many of your discussions will revolve around retirement. But there’s another topic that warrants their attention: financial scams and how to avoid them. Awareness is essential to avoiding what could cost your clients thousands of dollars, not to mention peace of mind. This article outlines how to steer clear of the three most common scams. Read more.

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