The Retirement Resource Centre was built to provide advisors with the information, tools and resources they need to better support Canada’s growing retirement market. Having just celebrated the microsite’s first full year, now is a good time to take a look at how we’re delivering on that goal by seeing what topics resonated most with our readers. What topics do you want to see covered in the coming months? Email your suggestions to and perhaps we’ll see your article listed in next year’s editorial line-up!

In 2013, here were the top five most read articles in the Retirement Resource Centre:

1. “Grey Divorce” is a growing trend

Whether it’s due to an empty nest, different interests or irreconcilable differences, an increasing number of Canadian couples ages 55 and up are heading to divorce court. This phenomenon, also known as “grey divorce,” is a growing trend and it’s changing the retirement market. Read more.

2. Why would you include insurance GICs in your clients’ retirement plans?

Fluctuations in equity markets can cause anxiety for clients because of the decreasing investment values in their portfolios. For this reason, your clients may seek less exposure to risk, especially during the years leading up to their retirement. GICs give your clients two very important benefits in volatile markets: guaranteed interest and principal protection. Accumulation annuities, also known as Insurance GICs, are available only from insurance companies. Read more.

3. Retirement Income Workbook

By showing clients how they can manage expenses throughout retirement, you have a tremendous opportunity to help ease their uncertainty, demonstrate the value of your advice, encourage more people to put their plans in writing and, ultimately, build your business. A great tool to help you work through your clients’ retirement needs is the Money for Life Retirement Income Workbook. This four-page workbook helps your clients build a complete picture of their retirement expenses for basic and lifestyle needs as well as one-time events, and uncovers ways to help fund these expenses. Read more.

4. Showing your clients how health can dramatically affect wealth

The 2013 Sun Life Canadian Health Index™ told us something we probably already knew: serious health events can significantly affect our finances. But what we may not have realized is how deeply these events are changing our lives—especially financially. This article shares Canadian statistics about the impact of health on finances and could be used as a tool to demonstrate to clients how to help protect themselves against financial hardships brought on by ill health. Read more.

5. Life insurance as an asset class – white paper

Permanent life insurance is known for its estate planning benefits. But can it also be an investment tool? For the right client, yes, it can. In the white paper, Life insurance as an asset class, the merits of permanent life insurance as an alternative asset class are explored for the benefit of advisors working with high-net-worth investors evaluating or already using this strategy. Read more.

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