One of the most powerful tools to help maintain balance in any investment portfolio is diversification, which means investing across different regions, industries and geographies. Sun Life Global Investments took this message to the masses in May and June during an advisor road show that touched down in 17 Canadian cities.

“Canadians should consider adding more foreign content to their investment portfolios to reduce risk and enhance their returns,” said Rick Headrick, President, Sun Life Global Investments. “Even within the Canadian component of their portfolio, they should be investing with a global perspective since the companies based in Canada are competing globally.”

Executives discussed the cultures, economies, risks and opportunities that shape our world while connecting with close to 1,500 advisors on the National Road Show. Professionals from MFS Investment Management gave attendees a look at the firm’s unique, collaborative culture. Since inventing the first open-end mutual fund in 1924, MFS has spent the last 90 years growing a global footprint that now reaches across nearly 20 countries. Sun Life Global Investments’ sub-advisor model gives advisors access to a number of world-class investment managers all under one roof. Launched in 2010, Sun Life Global Investments now has $8.01 billion in client assets under management as of May 31, 2014.

Canadians are comfortable investing at home and advisors agreed the road show presented valuable perspectives on the importance of thinking globally when it comes to investing.

“It’s important to educate clients on how small Canada is on a global scale and the fewer number of players in the market,” said Valerie Meyer, owner of Sickness and Benefits Finance and a broker with FundEX Investments. “Seminars like this reiterate positive information and new ways to educate clients about investment opportunities around the world.”

With more sources of information than ever before, Meyer noted the challenge of keeping investors focused on their longer term investment goals.

“Global events can impact portfolios so quickly—it’s our job to help investors focus on their long-term goals to avoid the pitfalls of emotional decision-making,” said Meyer.

Sun Life advisor Chris Moore of Century Group Financial Solutions Inc. in Kitchener says more investors are coming to understand the importance of investing outside of Canada.

“Canada makes up such a small percentage of global markets that clients are starting to understand they have to look outside our borders, especially to plan for the type of retirement they want,” said Moore. “To diversify and get access to different sectors and economies, there isn’t really a choice but to go global.”

Sun Life Global Investments is built for investors who want to benefit from a truly global perspective. The firm’s sub-advisors are commuting to work, breaking for lunch and coming home to their families in nearly 20 countries every day, providing a front-row view of the many different markets that make up our world.

Keep in mind—investing in global markets can mean taking on additional risk, including the potential for more volatile returns. Refer to a fund’s simplified prospectus for details on the risks of investing in other parts of the world. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. MFS Institutional Advisors Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts and MFS Investment Management Canada Limited of Toronto, Ontario (collectively referred to herein as “MFS”) are each portfolio sub-advisors to Sun Life Global Investments Mutual Funds and affiliates of Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc.

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