During the holiday season, many Canadians give back to their community through charitable donations or volunteer work. Some retirees, or those approaching retirement, may not realize that they can leave a gift to their favourite charity through their legacy plans too. If you have clients in retirement, or approaching retirement, who are active philanthropists, consider suggesting planned giving when discussing their legacy plans.

Planned giving allows clients to leave a gift to a charity they believe in – even after they’re gone – to support its charitable efforts for future generations. It also helps them maximize their tax and estate planning benefits. Clients’ gifts can be a one-time donation, a series of payments over a set period, or ongoing support. Many options are available to your clients, from a bequest in a will to more tax-efficient solutions such as life insurance.

Whether your clients have modest means or sizable assets, with careful planning—and your help—they can leave the legacy they want. Clients considering planned giving may also need the help of a number of other professionals such as a lawyer, a tax advisor or an accountant—depending on the size and complexity of the gift and their overall financial and retirement plans.

Planned giving can be complex. To help clients understand the options available to them, Sun Life Financial has created Planned giving – A guide for clients. This guide is a great resource for your clients considering planned giving.

Learn more about how smart tax planning can make a difference for clients by participating in the CE-accredited Tax in Practice course, offered by Sun Life Global Investments in partnership with Knowledge Bureau.

Help clients plan for the legacy they want as part of the conversation about Money for Life – Sun Life Financial’s customized approach to financial and retirement planning.* Contact a Sun Life Sales Director to learn more.

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