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What an international effort may mean for some Canadians.

Life insurance transfers and taxes – part 2

When an insurance policy owned by a corporation changes hands, what are the tax implications?

Life insurance transfers and taxes – part 1

What clients should know before they transfer ownership of a life insurance policy.

Explaining the new estate information return – who’s accountable? What’s required?

A new process has been added to the Ontario Estate Administration Tax Act. Find out what this means for trustees, practitioners and clients, and who…

Will power: The comfort and clout of an up-to-date will

A sound estate plan almost always involves a will. Do your clients have one? Do they keep it current?

7 legal documents to have ready at retirement

Before your clients retire, encourage them to obtain and organize these important documents.

What Canadian clients need to know about U.S. taxes – part 2

Gift-giving is thoughtful. But depending on the circumstances, it can also be taxing. Learn how U.S. gift tax could affect your clients.

How will taxes impact your clients’ retirement income?

A new continuing education (CE) course provides valuable information to help you discuss retirement planning and the impact taxes will have on a client’s retirement…

What Canadian clients need to know about U.S. taxes – part 1

U.S. taxes can affect Canadians who don’t even live in the United States. Learn how U.S. estate taxes could impact your clients and ways to…

What you and your clients need to know about owning foreign property

Identify the impact to taxes and retirement savings when clients own foreign property.

Minimizing tax at death on registered retirement savings plans – part 2

When a client dies, their registered plans could face a major tax hit. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the impact.

6 tax-savvy tips to share with clients

The April 30 tax filing deadline is fast approaching. These quick tips could save them some money!

Minimizing tax at death on registered retirement savings plans – Part 1

In this first of two articles, we’ll look at three options for transferring an RRSP at death, and how you can help.

Preserve estates for the next generation

Within the next 10 years, $895 billion is expected to change hands through intergenerational wealth transfers.

Taking clients’ legacy planning to a higher level – words of wisdom from advisor Joe Sheehan

“Instead of your clients directing their money to the federal and provincial governments through taxes, help them direct it to their families and the organizations…

Make sure your clients with pension income claim this tax credit

April is income tax season and your clients may be eligible for a tax credit. If your clients have income from a pension or certain…

Your clients’ legacies – avoiding family feuds

Leaving a legacy means different things to different clients. Some may want to be remembered for the memories they created with those around them when…

Making it easier to leave a financial gift to charity

During the holiday season, many Canadians give back to their community through charitable donations or volunteer work. Some retirees, or those approaching retirement, may not…

What legacy do your clients want to leave?

With a projected $895 billion inheritance coming their way over the next ten years, will boomers pay it forward? What does leaving a legacy mean…

Retiring entrepreneurs and business succession plans: what you should know

As more and more baby boomers get ready to retire, so are the thousands of entrepreneurs within this generation – many of whom would benefit…

Help your clients protect their assets and leave them in the hands of the intended receivers

It’s safe to say that most people would rather leave a legacy from their hard-earned money to the loved ones and organizations they care about—a…