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Extreme Closeup of New Polymer Twenty Dollar Bills

Demand exceeds supply but inflation expected to drop to 2% by 2024

Canadian money

Economists expect the central bank to sound hawkish on Wednesday while holding rates steady


The central bank will begin an internal recruitment process for the deputy governor position

Close-up aerial photo of an oil refinery in the Alberta Oilsands, near Fort McMurray

A BoC paper found only small investor discounts for large GHG emitters, creating risk in the event of a sharp shift

Percentage sign in sky

Businesses and consumers still expect inflation to remain above 2% until at least 2025

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Deputy governor Toni Gravelle said global banks are more resilient today than they were 15 years ago

increase in inflation

Debt levels put Canadians at higher risk to interest rates, portfolio manager warns

canadian dollar bills stacked background. computer generated 3d photo rendering.

The economy has generally moved in the right direction for the bank as it aims to slow activity

Canada’s two dollar coin is bimetallic, and shows a polar bear, a symbol of concern for the endangered environment.

CIBC and RBC economists analyze impact of recent rate hikes

Parliament Hill building closeup in Ottawa, Canada

Projection for economic growth downgraded to 1% for 2023