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Securities and Exchange trending up

Outflows from foreign securities hit $16.2 billion in January, StatsCan reported

pension pension or retirement concept with word on business office folder index

Canadian bonds and equities down, offset by funds' offshore holdings, StatsCan reports

Business and financial district in a city with pillars

Regulators prevented bank runs in wake of SVB, but rating agencies say funding and liquidity problems persist

Stock Quotes as graphs and tables with magnifier and calculator in panoramic format

Foreign investor interest in domestic bonds comes as the Bank of Canada is shedding its bond holdings

EU flags waving in front of European Parliament building. Brussels, Belgium

Central banks' pivot could test markets' resilience

Bridge to Canada Sign

Canadian investors trim foreign holdings for first time since financial crisis

Bond indices

Already up, defaults are expected to reach historic norms in 2023

Stock Market Data. Candle stick stock market tracking graph.

Short-term corporates offer opportunities, PM says

Financial and stock investment market concept. Fluctuation of value which price is rising up and falling down along the way

Investors withdrew from broad-based funds, while cash and crypto gained

close up of a finance graph on an office desk DOWN

Rating agencies see credit challenges growing as macro conditions hit company finances