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Expense claims are possible without receipts, but it’s an uphill battle


We asked three advisors

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Most consumer respondents (78%) feared their personal data could be stolen from financial institutions

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Leaders at SMEs still prefer organic growth over M&A, the KPMG research finds

Career burden and business stress concept as a businessman or worker pulling a giant heavy metal anchor as a metaphor for hardship and strugge with taxes or oppression.

Companies' short-term economic concerns are compounded by the Delta variant

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The asset manager reported US$816 million, or 49 cents per share, in net income

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Business travellers are a key source of revenue and profit, subsidizing other passengers

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One-fifth of businesses are worried they may face layoffs in the next 12 months

small business owner during the pandemic

Help your business-owner client reassess cash flow and more

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A tax targeting large companies “making record profits” was proposed by the NDP last year