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Extreme Closeup of New Polymer Twenty Dollar Bills

The leadership candidate took aim at the central bank's role in rising inflation

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Many central bank digital currencies are likely to be issued in the "medium" term, BIS reports

Extreme Closeup of New Polymer Twenty Dollar Bills

Barriers exist to accessing financial services, deputy governor says

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Central banks are managing 'a very narrow landing strip,' CIO says

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Opportunities could arise in select emerging markets, PM says

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Many questions remain about how a CBDC would affect banks and wealth managers

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In contrast, the ECB doesn't plan to raise rates until 2023 despite record inflation

US Capitol Building, Washington DC, USA

If approved by the United States Senate, Michigan State prof Lisa Cook would be the first Black woman to serve on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Federal Reserve Building is the headquarter of the Federal Reserve System and 12 Federal Reserve Banks, Washington DC, USA

Clarida was scheduled to finish his term this month but will instead resign about two weeks early

Ottawa; July 1, 2021: The National Arts Centre displays a message of support for the cause of reconciliation after the unmarked graves of Indigenous children who attended residential schools were found.

The governor said the central bank can play a key role in fostering economic reconciliation