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United States treasury savings bonds with one hundred dollar bills

Spreads have tightened since the start of the pandemic

  • By: Katie Keir
  • September 16, 2020 September 16, 2020
  • 16:00

BoC governor Macklem offered up forward-looking statements in a Friday speech

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Spending patterns have changed dramatically during the pandemic

Macro close-up of Federal Reserve logo on USA Federal Reserve Note

Still, the central bank did purchase US$1.3 billion in corporate bonds in late June

Will massive government spending and central bank easing lead to inflation, deflation or both?

Federal reserve building, Washington DC. USA.

It's designed for medium-sized companies that don't qualify for other aid

The Bank of England.

In addition to cutting the rate to 0.1%, the central bank said it was relaunching its monetary stimulus program

Flag of the European Community in front of the Eurotower in Frankfurt am Main

The central bank is buying an extra $132 billion in bonds

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The central bank’s key target rate is currently at its lowest level since early 2018

Financial technology(fintech) and world economy

Global group to assess the uses and functions of digital dollars, following U.S. initiative