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Demonstrate and discuss your regulatory requirements with clients, IFB says

Machine Learning business concept.

Only three percent of investment professionals say they are proficient in AI, CFA Institute finds

Entrance to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario

A FSRA review resulted in 445 letters of warning for failing to complete continuing education hours

  • By: Staff
  • March 9, 2023 March 9, 2023
  • 13:38
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The Quebec self-regulatory organization will make the portal available in January

  • By: Staff
  • December 7, 2022 December 7, 2022
  • 15:06
Difficult choices of a businessman due to crisis

Some advisors take on too many clients outside their core market, warns Cerulli Associates

  • By: Staff
  • March 16, 2022 March 16, 2022
  • 13:53
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The regulator provided guidance for advisors, dealers and education providers

  • By: Staff
  • October 29, 2021 October 29, 2021
  • 14:47
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The regulator's accreditation relationship with CECAP will end on Dec. 31

  • By: Staff
  • October 25, 2021 October 25, 2021
  • 11:26
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Newcom Media expands continuing education site for financial professionals

  • By: Staff
  • October 15, 2021 October 26, 2021
  • 12:14
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Fund dealers' first CE cycle to kick off on Dec. 1


Examining how taxes, expected investment outcomes and utility can affect asset location