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Global housing prices surged in Q1 led by advanced economies, BIS reports


The mandates at the banks follow announcements by Sun Life Financial Inc. and others

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The government said it expects employers in federally regulated industries, including banks, to require vaccinations

Sir Oliver Mowat statue at the Ontario Legislative Building in Toronto

The province is putting an additional $2.2 billion toward Covid-19 spending

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Quebec will require proof of vaccination to access non-essential services where Covid-19 transmission is high


The government is also freezing rates for the wage and rent subsidies at current levels


A gap between the vaccine haves and have-nots is expected to widen

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The agency projects young people entering the job market now could see lower earnings

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Business travellers are a key source of revenue and profit, subsidizing other passengers

Securities and Exchange trending up

Pre-existing conditions continue to dog certain "weak tail" banks, however, BIS finds