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The Bank of Canada's deputy governor says a strong job market points to sources of growth

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On Tuesday, Moody's downgraded Alberta's rating to Aa2 from Aa1

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Respondents were evenly split between optimism and pessimism

Slow profit growth business concept as a snail creating a hole shaped as a financial arrow chart in a leaf by eating the plant as a metaphor for economic slowdown.

The reading comes ahead of the Bank of Canada's interest rate announcement next week

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Slow growth, yes. Recession? Not necessarily.

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Many economists think growth is slowing sharply in the current quarter

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Sales fell 1.9% at new car dealers

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A UBS outlook report provides insights for investors

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Rating agency says stagnant productivity gains and adverse demographic trends are stunting growth in many countries

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Canadians expect poor economic conditions ahead, and say raises have had little impact