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The household debt service ratio fell, however, to 13.32% in the third quarter

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The Labor Department also reported Friday that prices rose 0.8% from October to November

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A PBO report said extending wage subsidies will push the overall price for the program to almost $106.7 billion

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The average Canadian family of four will pay an extra $966 for food in 2022, report says

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Deputy governor says it's difficult to gauge how quickly supply issues will be resolved

Businessmen are skeptical looking at stock market charts.

The sector faces cross-currents and several risks to growth

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Leading indicators point to growth peaking in the months ahead

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Interest rates, inflationary pressures and declining affordability will dampen demand, report says

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The jobless rate is still above the pre-pandemic level, however, despite recent gains

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With debt levels stabilizing, a strong recovery could drive improved credit conditions