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Keep an eye on interest rates, inflation, legislation and more

  • By: Staff
  • August 29, 2022 August 29, 2022
  • 12:17
Parliament buildings in winter

Jamie Golombek breaks down the government's priorities

Parliament Hill building closeup in Ottawa, Canada

Extended paid sick leave and housing affordability are among early priorities for the new government

Interior view of the Canada Commons of Parliament, Ottawa

Trudeau will reconvene Parliament by the end of the fall


Analysts say companies would find ways to mitigate the effects

  • By: Melissa Shin
  • September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021
  • 14:35
Canadian money

"Sound management of economic policy is expected to continue," the rating agency said

  • By: Mark Burgess
  • September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021
  • 12:03
Advisor meeting with clients

Clients' concerns range from broad social and fiscal spending to potential tax changes

  • By: Katie Keir
  • September 22, 2021 September 22, 2021
  • 14:40
illustration of magnifying glass and tax forms

Advisors will be watching for taxes targeting high earners, capital gains and wealth inequality

Interior view of the Canada Commons of Parliament, Ottawa

Banks, insurers and green energy companies may be affected by new policies

  • By: Mark Burgess
  • September 21, 2021 September 21, 2021
  • 14:30
Parliament buildings at sunset

A re-elected Liberal government could go after bank profits and move ahead with taxes on the wealthy