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The party pledged to increase the capital gains inclusion rate to 75%

Wheeling his way into recovery

Promise to extend sickness benefits would cost $4B over the same time period

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The party has pledged a 1% tax on those with over $10 million in wealth

The party would also cap the small business tax rate at 9% but raise the corporate tax rate to 21%

From a credit perspective, the "broad contours" of each party's economic policies are similar, a report says

Parliament Hill building closeup in Ottawa, Canada

The party platform also calls for a new financial sector ombudsperson with binding arbitration power

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A qualifying senior couple would receive $750 more per year

House bubble

Canada's political parties want to address the current cost of living crisis

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Big financial institutions would also have to pay a pandemic recovery dividend

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The First Home Savings Account would allow Canadians under 40 to save $40,000 toward a home purchase