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Businessmen are skeptical looking at stock market charts.

Recruiting pipeline to Richardson Wealth, other independents, remains "very strong", Kish Kapoor says

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Unemployment dropped to 3.8% yet more Americans are looking for work

work from home

Workers' bargaining power is higher than it's been in decades

Happy team of businesspeople moving office, packing boxes, smiling.

The Canadian economy lost 200,000 jobs in January but a Desjardins economist says we could see a ‘post-Covid-wave rebound’

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Job growth in the United States was faster than we realized, Glassdoor economist says

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System is intended to cover workers in the gig economy, retail and hospitality jobs who don't have benefits, as well as people who change careers

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Business restrictions, labour shortages to hamper economic activity

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Omicron could push up the jobless rate this month

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Quits were high in the low-wage hotel and restaurant industries

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The jobless rate is still above the pre-pandemic level, however, despite recent gains