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The Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada

First home savings account, anti-flipping rule are now law as Bill C-32 passes

Mutual fund redemptions ramped up and long-term ETF sales slumped

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Launches include a long/short equity alt ETF and an innovation fund

ESG investing

Clean-energy firms are beginning to find profitability amid a global push toward net zero


ETFs built on high-interest savings accounts make sense to investors who need a place to park cash until they’re ready to invest again

rockets launching

Recent launches include a green bond fund and an Ether ETF

Find out about the latest launches, plus who's reducing fees

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Mutual fund sales weak, but assets, ETF sales stay solid, IFIC reports

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Net flows were $4.8 billion in March, according to a monthly report from National Bank Financial

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The potential removal of Russian listings from MSCI indexes would challenge the fund industry