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National Banks says BoC can be patient while input cost easing plays out

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CIBC’s deputy chief economist says we need to change how we think about renting

risk management

Tighter financial conditions continue to loom over markets

Federal Reserve building

Stubbornness of high inflation divides Federal Reserve on managing interest rates

Investment documents signed

Rising rates, benchmark reform, commodity prices all affected activity

Europe flag and stacks

European Securities and Markets Authority seeks to curb investors' fund costs

Growing Graph

Strong inflation data coupled with housing market rebound makes case for more BoC tightening

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Rent and mortgage costs led to the first increase in the annual rate since it peaked at 8.1% in June 2022

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Consumers face challenges in the second half of the year, including tighter credit and a weaker job market

risky move

Risk management experts cited high inflation, quantitative tightening and cyber attacks as potentially contributing to shocks