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Plus, Horizons makes changes to its asset allocation suite

Wooden box lined with hay from the chicken eggs

With interest rates rising, the fund increased its fixed income holdings

Bridge building

Premiers ask for dedicated meeting with the prime minister to discuss options

New fund for accredited investors provides access to four private asset classes


Plus, an update on RBC's infrastructure fund and Mackenzie Investments closes a few funds

Businessmen are skeptical looking at stock market charts.

More products are becoming available but due diligence is key

Toronto, Canada - November 16, 2016: Old and new buildings in Toronto downtown

Smaller commercial real estate may be more vulnerable to stricter lending after SVB

Interior of a modern futuristic building

Private investments buoyed the Ontario municipal employee fund

City Urban Blocks Seamless Pattern (Large) in isometric projection is hand drawing with perimeter blocks, courtyards, streets and traffic.

Many are changing due diligence or narrowing their investment universe

Two Men Wearing Hard Hats Looking at a Laptop Computer on a Building Site

The role of private assets in portfolios has shifted, report says

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