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Macro close-up of Federal Reserve logo on USA Federal Reserve Note

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren also urged the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the investments by three Fed officials

Money Bag

The man allegedly stole confidential information about his employer's trade orders to make hundreds of personal trades

scales of justice

The allegations stem from illegal cannabis production that was discovered in 2019

scales of justice

U.S. authorities allege that the friends shared and traded on inside information

gavel on a wooden bench

The regulator says anonymous online markets were used to traffic information used in illegal trading


CSA issues guidance on the use of issuers' ASDPs


Protecting material non-public information is paramount when staff work remotely


Regulator claims rep traded, tipped inside info about cannabis company's plans


A panel found the man placed trades on advance knowledge of M&A deals

a farmer puts his marijuana plant into soil, related to pot index

The regulator alleges the CEO of a mining company was seeking a contact high from the cannabis sector