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Some growing stacks of coins with the word GDP (gross domestic product) on them

The OECD revised its global GDP projections upward, but warned of persisting risks

  • By: Staff
  • March 17, 2023 March 17, 2023
  • 11:45
Some growing stacks of coins with the word GDP (gross domestic product) on them

Fallout from China's pandemic policy sabotaged output

Business owner looking to hire new staff. Young businessman hanging a hiring sign in his shop entrance. Boss working in coffeeshop hiring new employees. Hr employee hanging hiring signage in shop

Jobless rates remain near record lows amid still-tight labour markets

  • By: Staff
  • March 14, 2023 March 14, 2023
  • 13:00

Pullback in energy underpins softening price pressures

Wealth GDP declines

Canada among the strongest in the G7 for growth in 2022

  • By: Staff
  • February 21, 2023 February 21, 2023
  • 13:29
A piggy bank with a twenty dollar bill for the money saving mind set.

First rise for real incomes since Q1 2021, but results vary across countries

Closed road. Many iron anti-tank structures on the road, a tank barrier

War continues to intensify the headwinds to growth, group warns

  • November 22, 2022 November 22, 2022
  • 15:05
Container Cargo freight ship with ports crane bridge in harbor

Softening demand, lower commodity prices cuts trade flows

Concept of crisis with unstable statistic bars

Latest leading indicators continue to signal slowing momentum in most markets

G7 flags

Declining income supports, high prices cut into real incomes

  • By: Staff
  • November 7, 2022 November 7, 2022
  • 13:17