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A record number of Toronto homes priced over $3 million sold last year

New home

The second wave of Covid-19 restrictions have so far not hampered real estate sales


The asset manager is offering US$5.9 billion to acquire the remaining stake in the real estate firm

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Canada's real estate market is on pace for an annual sales record

Moving boxes in new house. Real estate concept.

The forecast comes after a year when the real estate market defied expectations

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The fiscal update said the feds plan to tax homeowners who use Canada to passively store wealth in housing

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There are benefits and risks to owning property personally, through a trust or through a corporation

House bubble

Fixed-income investors may want to consider mortgage-backed securities

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The deal allows Nicola to offer new real estate investments to HNW clients

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  • November 16, 2020 November 16, 2020
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Activity in 2020 "has a real shot" at setting an annual record