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Questions and answers about the ‘safe money’ approach.

What you need to know to protect the grandfathered status of clients’ existing life insurance policies.

A record number of Canadians are surviving their cancer diagnosis, and many are struggling to manage the expenses.

Changes to the taxation of life insurance is coming in 2017. Read about the key changes, the main points of grandfathering and what you can do now to prepare.

Shingles is on the rise among older Canadians. The good news is there’s a vaccine — but it’ll cost you. Prepare your clients to manage out-of-pocket health-care costs in retirement.

Part 3 of this series about self-insuring and health insurance options sheds light on long-term care costs and the need to talk with clients about their coverage options now.

Too many Canadians are underestimating out-of-pocket health costs. Health events are a fact of life but resisting that reality could lead to a stack of unexpected medical bills.

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life Financial, highlights key insurance conversations advisors can have with affluent clients.

This is the second part in our series focused on self-insuring and health insurance options. Discussing how an LTCI policy can help clients pay for the type of care they want, when they need it later.

You may think some wealthy clients don’t need insurance, but they may actually want it – and they want to hear from you! This whitepaper discusses some of the misconceptions about life insurance.