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If you don’t currently talk to your clients about segregated fund products, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what they have to offer. With increasing demand for guarantees – and growth – segregated fund products can play an important role in a client’s portfolio.

The affluent market is growing and represents a significant opportunity for your business. Find out how Private Client from Sun Life Global Investments (SLGI) can offer a fresh approach to investing.

Look at ways to reduce clients taxable income and save for the future with an RRSP, and review some of the advantages over investments held outside an RRSP.

Prime Minister Harper announced a new tax initiative with the stated goal to provide tax relief to Canadian families. See how you can encourage clients to find ways to make this money work hard for them.

Heading into the new year we remain bullish overall toward equities, but our investment approach has grown more cautious. Primary concerns include eurozone weakness, uncertainty around bond yields, and heightened anxiety in equity markets. We see opportunities in U.S. equities, Canadian bonds and the global infrastructure sector. These opinions are as of December 22, 2014.

The following articles from the past year give insights into increasing life expectancies and concerns among Canadians about outliving their retirement savings; suggest opportunities to talk with your clients about generating sufficient retirement income; and demonstrate how a life annuity can be an essential part of their retirement plans, providing a monthly guaranteed cheque for life.

In the continuing low-interest-rate environment, your clients could be waiting for interest rates to rise before they consider investing in fixed-income investments and insurance products providing guaranteed lifetime income.

Reports in the news media about Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) are generating discussions about Canadians outliving their retirement savings.

The recently released 2014 Sun Life Canadian Health Index reveals 45 per cent of Canadian respondents are worried about outliving their retirement savings. That’s not too surprising, considering Canadians are living much longer.

At midnight on December 31, registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) holders who turned 71 in 2014 won’t just ring in a new year, they’ll switch from “savings” to “income” mode. Their RRSPs will mature and their retirement income options must be in place—all before the clock strikes 12. For those who want to top up their savings or have yet to choose their options, the countdown’s on.