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Aging and incapacity

Planning for Client incapacity – it’s worth your time

How you can help clients in the wake of a weakening Canadian dollar.

‘Grey divorce’ is a growing trend that’s changing the retirement market. Help divorcing clients through this difficult period.

The growth of Canada’s single demographic has been going on for decades, but financial policy is largely weighted toward families. Are your single clients prepared to go it alone in retirement?

Returning to school later in life can be financed in a number of ways—some are more taxing than others. Help your clients fund their second career in the most tax-efficient way.

Are your clients downsizing? There’s a risk they could become the victims of a moving scam. Find out how you can help them steer clear of rogue movers.

Adopting a child is an emotionally rewarding experience, but there are also financial considerations. Finding ways to help clients with their retirement while providing for their younger family will be critical to their financial well-being.

When we’re mentally healthy, we have the potential to cope with the normal stress of everyday life. But if our mental health is compromised, small challenges can seem monumental.

Many of us can relate to that moment when the clock strikes midnight. We celebrate and reflect on the year ahead. We vow, “This year I’m going to…”, and identify our goal. And while these resolutions are optimistic, they often fall to the wayside. But there’s a way you can help clients achieve their goals.

They don’t need batteries, they never go out of style and wrapping’s a breeze. More importantly, they can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life. Financial gifts are an ideal way for your clients to help their loved ones save, grow and manage their money—and there are lots of options!