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Changing the way you do business in the retirement market.

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Canadians’ debt continues to rise. Learn how to have a debt discussion with clients and help them find their way to financial well-being and plan for their retirement.

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Despite volatility, experts say investors need to put emotions aside and focus on the fundamentals.

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Is foreign property still as financially attractive as it was in the past? Read about the current trends and implications of owning U.S. property.

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See why now might be a good time to get clients started with a TFSA.

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Could these recommended resources help you, too?

For many Canadians, it’s all about the service.

Take a look at the top Sun Life Retirement Resource Centre articles, video and e-book of 2016.

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Take our 3-question quiz to see what retirees say about preparing for a successful retirement.

Having a legacy needs conversation can help you understand how your clients want to be remembered and what they want to do with their assets so you can help them fulfil their final wishes.