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Tax problems business and financial concept as a businessman on a road to success blocked by a brick wall with the word taxes painted on the surface as a metaphor for finance issues as an adversity to growth.

Planning helps reduce the negative impacts


Help your client avoid these pitfalls

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From capital gains to wealth taxes, Jamie Golombek breaks down the Liberals' options


Find out how much clients can contribute

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The Liberals shifted the marker this year, dropping the minimum for each senior by 25%

Parliament buildings at sunset

The Liberals' latest relief provisions have been met with mixed reactions from business groups

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The impact of tax policy extends north of the border

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Employer reimbursements of up to $500 not a taxable benefit if related to Covid-19

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The findings could help guide federal efforts as the Liberals attempt to massage taxes and pandemic-related benefits

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Jagmeet Singh suggests doubling the tax rate for companies earning record profits during Covid-19