(June 2008) Over the years, Advisor.ca has frequently covered the various financial issues surrounding marriage. Here are a few of the related stories we’ve written about in the past.

Women not planning for the unexpected: Let’s face it; more men than women are responsible for the household finances. If life goes as planned, then great, but more often than not, illness, divorce or death can unexpectedly put the woman of the house in charge of the family’s financial plan. Read on and find out how to get women more involved in the planning process. Full Story.

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How a marriage contract works: Here’s some additional insight into the marriage contract from Michael G. Cochrane, a partner with Ricketts, Harris LLP in Toronto, and author of Strictly Legal: Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Canadian Law. Click here for more.

Divorce checklist: While a lot of couples are throwing lavish weddings this summer, a number of others are second guessing their big day. If you’ve got a client on the flipside of the marriage coin, then check out this divorce checklist. Click here for more.

Talk to couples about finances — just watch your timing: Deanne Gage, Advisor.ca’s editor, is now happily married, but it wasn’t long ago that she was just a bride-to-be. Here’s an Advisor’s Edge editorial she wrote a month before she tied the knot on talking to newlywed clients about their finances. Full story.