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Help your client with tax-efficient charitable giving

Use these tips to make the most of a donation tax credit

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Affluent Canadians want to help both their children and the world, research finds

Parents are helping children buy houses and start businesses

RBC partners with estate planning platform to offer online wills

The collaboration provides clients who need basic estate planning an affordable, online option

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  • November 16, 2021 November 16, 2021
  • 12:31

More Canadians are looking to pass on inheritance early, study finds

Some want to see loved ones enjoy their inheritance, while others are motivated by financial need

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  • November 16, 2021 November 16, 2021
  • 12:13
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Collectibles present unique challenge for executors

From sports memorabilia to vintage cars, treasured items require special attention

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How to avoid succession battles with the family cottage

Keeping it in the family and maintaining harmony

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Ontario overhauls probate application process

Experts divided over whether streamlined application forms will make applying easier


How much should an executor be paid?

If a will doesn’t address compensation, then provincial statutes, case law or set guidelines govern how much an executor can receive

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Help your client avoid losing GRE status

Contributions and loans to a graduated rate estate can have tax consequences

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Potential tax implications from renting a principal residence

A change in use could result in a deemed disposition

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Don’t let real estate add to relationship woes

Consider the tax consequences before transferring property after a separation

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Estate experts seek resolution on beneficiary designation issue

Stakeholders want it to be clear that beneficiary designations indicate the deceased's wishes


Beneficiary designations affirmed in Ontario court decision

The decision in Mak (Estate) v Mak differs from the controversial Calmusky ruling


Court overturns father’s decision to disinherit daughters

Adult twins who were disinherited by their dad have been granted 70% of his estate by a B.C. judge

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Non-resident executors and posting bond

Clients may need to revise their wills if they’ve named out-of-jurisdiction executors

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Ontario’s new probate process for small estates is easier

New rules may allow more executors without a legal background to apply for probate

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Home or cottage: Which should be a principal residence?

Knowing the answer can help maximize your client’s wealth

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Marriage no longer automatically revokes a will in Ontario

Bill 245 has received royal assent, which also means that Ontario is a substantive compliance province and virtual will witnessing is permanent

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Quebec extends tax for financial institutions, drops small biz tax rate

The finance minister forecast a deficit of $12.3 billion this fiscal year

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Can a trust avoid tax on a deceased person’s RRSP?

A trustee’s tax liability has limits, a court case suggests

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RRSPs, RRIFs and withholding taxes at death

The absence of withholding taxes can create unexpected consequences if no planning is done

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Wills and power of attorney for cross-border clients

Planning for foreign assets may require multiple documents

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The secret to using secret trusts

Clients considering the strategy must take extra care

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Ontario could join other provinces in letting courts save invalid wills

Some estate experts argue changing the law could lead to unintended consequences

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Ontario survivors could now receive more if their spouses die without a will

Ontario raised preferential share to $350,000 as of March 1