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Tips for teams working with family enterprise clients

Often, independent advisors are brought in at different times and aren’t aware of the other advisors who are providing services.

Everything you need to know about buying and selling a book

Transferring a practice is often the largest business deal a financial advisor will oversee.

  • By: Staff
  • December 9, 2016 August 21, 2018
  • 12:31

Are marriage contracts enforceable?

Only if prepared correctly

Vacation property succession planning: Part 2

If your client’s vacation property forms part of her estate on death, it may be subject to probate fees as part of her will.

Vacation property succession planning: Part 1

Without proper planning, vacation homes can quickly go from enjoyable escape to a source of financial and emotional stress.

Choose the right estate freeze

Help your business-owning clients find the right tax plan

How to handle multijurisdictional planning

Tips to ensure a smooth succession

What to know about investing within a trust

It's important for trustees and advisors to understand the applicable investment rules for trusts.

Tax effects of inheriting money from the U.S.

Problems for Canadian residents who inherit from U.S. trusts

  • By: Max Reed
  • October 25, 2016 September 5, 2018
  • 15:10

Should coupled clients have joint accounts?

The pros and cons of each approach.

Dying intestate: what clients should know

The consequences of not having a will

Creative planning for incapacity

How to navigate this delicate issue in estate planning

What a trustee should (and shouldn’t) do

Most Canadians are familiar with the duties of an estate executor. But what are the duties of the trustee? And what happens if the trustee…

Protect estates from litigation

Verbal promises before death can trigger disputes

Ethical wills: a client’s most valuable legacy?

These documents will likely become more common.

Tell clients about these insurance changes before year-end

There are only a few months left

Avoid conflicts between heirs

Identify potential issues while the client is still alive

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.

Anatomy of a business sale

When clients sell their businesses, they’re usually unlocking wealth – which benefits their advisors.

Five ways to navigate blended-family finances

Most of us know a few families that resemble The Brady Bunch more than the “traditional” family

How many beneficiaries can clients have?

A reader asks, and we answer.

Your role in intergenerational wealth transfer

An estimated $750 billion will exchange hands in the next decade. Here are some practical tips to help these clients.

Getting the best price for your book

How valuation works, and how to negotiate

Tips for helping families with disability planning

Estate planning is never is easy. But families with special needs require extra attention.

Father squanders multi-million-dollar legacy

Daughter wants to know her legal options

How (and when) to pay estate debts

Paying estate debts: it’s one of the executor’s most important duties. But what is the process? Who gets paid first? And can creditors jump the…