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Brace for the 2% wealth surtax

Your wealthy clients will soon care even more about tax planning.

Make interest payments tax deductible

Interest on personal loans represents a significant expense, but there are ways to structure these loans that let you deduct the interest for tax purposes.

Dealing with a shareholder’s death

Making the buy-out of a deceased shareholder tax effective

5 ways to reduce tax exposure

Revenue Canada’s recent initiatives target wealthy business owners. Here are legit ways to reduce clients' tax exposure

When are trusts better than wills?

For clients older than 65, some trusts can help with succession planning.

Find money in tax credits

Eligible companies can claim as much as 68% of research expenditures

Get them on board

Portfolios may still be bruised, but the rising tide of boomers means it’s time to talk retirement.

The underground economy hurts all Canadians: CRA

Last week, StatsCan released new underground economy (UE) estimates for Canada. They’re based on activity from 1992 to 2009, and will be used to help…

  • By: Staff
  • September 28, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 10:57

France proposes 75% income tax

And you thought Canada's tax regime was bad.

Lunchtime takeaway: How long will you live?

Life expectancy for Canadians varies regionally.

  • By: Staff
  • September 27, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 11:30

Canada offers competitive tax structure: KPMG

Canada reigns as one of the most competitive countries in the world when it comes to paying taxes, says a new KPMG study.

  • By: Staff
  • September 27, 2012 August 21, 2018
  • 10:43

Are your clients’ kids snobs?

Raising kids and grandkids without a sense of entitlement.

Transferring estate freeze assets

Pros and cons of transferring company shares.

What the tax advantages folio says about life insurance

CRA gives guidance on seg funds held in registered plans

Holding title to U.S. personal-use property after Trump’s tax changes

What Canadian snowbirds need to know

Caution when counselling DB-to-IPP transfers

A legal case sounds a note of caution for advisors

Preparing for the passing of accounts

Common disputes and how to avoid them

Talk to clients about pullback of ODSP proposals

Increases to the program have been put on hold

Do executors need insurance?

The growth of online estate planning resources makes it easier for beneficiaries to inform themselves about their entitlements

  • By: James Dolan
  • September 21, 2018 September 21, 2018
  • 12:00