BMO has named all its corporate-class mutual funds affected by a tax change in the 2016 federal budget. (You’ll likely hear from other fund companies over the next few weeks.)

Corporate-class mutual funds won’t be as tax-advantaged as they used to be. After September 2016, when a client moves money between shares within such a fund, that will be considered a capital disposition for tax purposes.

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BMO says its Global Tax Advantaged Funds will be affected.

That includes:

BMO Asian Growth and Income Class

BMO Short-Term Income Class

BMO Canadian Equity Class

BMO U.S. Equity Class

BMO Canadian Low Volatility ETF Class

BMO SelectClass Income Portfolio

BMO Dividend Class

BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio

BMO Global Dividend Class

BMO SelectClass Growth Portfolio

BMO Global Energy Class

BMO SelectClass Equity Growth Portfolio

BMO Global Equity Class

BMO Income ETF Portfolio Class

BMO Global Low Volatility ETF Class

BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class

BMO Greater China Class

BMO Growth ETF Portfolio Class

BMO International Value Class

BMO Equity Growth ETF Portfolio Class

The bank says it’s still assessing the impact of the budget change on corporate-class funds.


TD Asset Management currently manages 21 classes of the TD Mutual Funds Corporate Class Ltd. as part of its corporate class line-up. The list of TD Corporate Class Funds is below.

TD Corporate Class Funds

Epoch Global Equity Class

TD Emerging Markets Class

Epoch U.S. Large-Cap Value Class

TD Global Equity Pool Class

TD Asian Growth Class

TD Global Low Volatility Class

TD Canadian Blue Chip Equity Class

TD Global Risk Managed Equity Class

TD Canadian Equity Class

TD International Growth Class

TD Canadian Equity Pool Class

TD Short Term Investment Class

TD Canadian Low Volatility Class

TD Tactical Monthly Income Class

TD Canadian Small-Cap Equity Class

TD Tactical Pool Class

TD Canadian Value Class

TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth Class

TD Dividend Growth Class

TD U.S. Risk Managed Equity Class

TD Dividend Income Class


The following RBC Corporate Class Funds are impacted:

RBC Balanced Growth & Income Class

RBC U.S. Equity Value Class

RBC Canadian Dividend Class

RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Value Equity Class

RBC Canadian Equity Class

RBC U.S. Small-Cap Core Equity Class

RBC Canadian Equity Income Class

RBC $U.S. ShortTerm Income Class

RBC Canadian Mid-Cap Equity Class

RBC QUBE Low Volatility Canadian Equity Class

RBC European Equity Class

RBC QUBE Low Volatility Global Equity Class

RBC Emerging Markets Equity Class

RBC QUBE Low Volatility U.S. Equity Class

RBC Global Equity Class

PH&N Canadian Equity Value Class

RBC Global Resources Class

PH&N Monthly Income Class

RBC International Equity Class

PH&N Overseas Equity Class

RBC North American Value Class

PH&N U.S. Multi-Style All-Cap Equity Class

RBC Short Term Income Class

BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Class (Canada)

RBC U.S. Dividend Class

BlueBay $U.S. Global Convertible Bond Class (Canada)

RBC U.S. Equity Class