When there’s more for the middle, there has to be less for the rich.

And while there weren’t any large-scale tax announcements — the most revenue, $1 billion over five fiscal years, will come from eliminating the Public Transit Tax Credit — a few proposals will make your professional and business-owner clients unhappy.

Check out all the details in our 2017 Federal Budget coverage:

Budget changes donation rules

This year’s budget included a few notes relating to charitable giving and donations.

How Finance might curb tax advantages for private corps

Your business owner clients may think of themselves as middle class, but according to the Trudeau government, they aren’t.

How to avoid factual control of a corporation? Avoid influence

Clients should stay away from wielding influence over businesses they don’t want associated with their own corporations for tax reasons.

Niche nuggets in Budget 2017

You may be most enthusiastic about the government’s pending review of the current tax system. But don’t ignore it the budget.

The good, the bad and the tepid: reaction to the federal budget

Federal budget measures to promote economic growth don’t go far enough, says one industry expert. See a rundown of industry reactions.

Good and bad tax news from Budget 2017

Tax highlights of the 2017 budget, and what they mean for you and your clients.

Tax headache coming for professional clients

Put your accountant and lawyer clients on notice: the next few years are going to be extra painful.

Federal budget takes aim at associated corporations

If you have married clients who each legally own separate small businesses, but one of them takes care of operations for both, watch out.

Federal budget: What’s in and what’s out

A rundown of tax credit changes and government spending.

Easier rules for reorganizing mutual fund corporations

Last year, the Trudeau government took away one of the benefits of corporate-class funds, but this year, it’s made a small concession.

Liberals reviewing private corporations, high-income tax strategies

The federal government’s budget plan issued a warning to financial advisors and their clients: Your tax strategies are under review.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as Advisor.ca analyzes the most significant tax changes resulting from this year’s budget.