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By Staff | September 4, 2012 | Last updated on September 15, 2023
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Budget 2012 meant several positive changes to the RDSP. These included relaxed withdrawal rules and removing roadblocks for disabled adults to access RDSPs.

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Thanks to those improvements, you have more options when it comes to planning for your clients with disabilities.

These articles will help you ensure clients avoid benefit rollbacks and large tax bills, while improving their financial security and quality of life.

Planning for disabilities

Planning for disabled clients can go far deeper than other client relationships. It should include regular budget planning discussions and ensuring they’re working with an accountant experienced in disability issues.

Tips for giving inheritances for disabled children

If a disabled client receives an inheritance, it can interfere with federal and provincial social assistance benefits. So you must do special planning to prevent any erosion of benefits, while allowing assets to build for the future.

Help maximize RDSP carry forwards

What’s most exciting about the RDSP carry forward rules is how the government will apply the matching rates on RDSP contributions and make the best use of the carry forwards for the benefit of the disabled individual.

Odd RDSP tax case exposes problems

What happens when a disabled taxpayer has a nil assessment?

Clearing the DI sales hurdle

DI is an important part of the puzzle for anyone who makes a point of offering holistic advice. staff


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