The personal tax return filing deadline is fast approaching, so here are some tips and must-reads for you and your clients:

  • Defer deductions: If clients can’t use every applicable, non-refundable tax credit for 2012, help them defer things like RRSP contributions and capital cost allowances. This also helps if they expect to earn higher-rate incomes in the future.
  • Leverage charitable donations: The federal tax credit for donations is available as a low-rate credit on the first $200 contributed, and as a high-rate credit on the rest. To benefit from the high rate, have only one spouse claim all family donations. People can also accumulate donations over a few years.


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  • Business owners can cut costs: Business-related deductions can cover many expenses. This includes: parking; business association fees; home-office expenses; entertainment; company cell phones; depreciation on computers; and salaries paid to assistants.

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  • Did your clients move? If someone relocated in 2012 to start a new job or business, they can claim the related expenses if an employer didn’t cover them.

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  • Cash in on carry-forward amounts: By reviewing prior-year returns and notices of assessment, customers can determine if you have any carry-forward balances that may be used as deductions or credits for 2012.

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