Tax Strategies

Bequeathing the family cottage — Part II

In last month’s column, I discussed some of the key issues involved in cottage succession planning. This month, I’ll consider four case studies that highlight how different strategies can work in different client situations. Each strategy can help minimize the financial impact of a cottage transfer, while also managing some of the emotional impact. The […]

By Michelle Munro |September 22, 2009

7 min read

Four pillars of tax-efficient investing

Tax-efficient investment solutions are likely to become more crucial in the near future. The issue for advisors is how best to achieve this. We know it’s highly important in the context of non-registered accounts, simply because these accounts are not tax-sheltered. We also know that it’s not merely a question of selecting investments that incur […]

By Michelle Munro |September 15, 2009

5 min read

Bequeathing the family cottage

In my last column, I discussed the two most basic elements of estate planning — wills and powers of attorney — and how they affect the intergenerational transfer of wealth that your clients must eventually deal with. Now let’s look at one of the more common intergenerational asset transfers — the family cottage. Many of […]

By Michelle Munro |August 5, 2009

6 min read

How to overfund UL

“What?” you might say, “I didn’t know universal life insurance (UL) had an expiry date!” Relax. You’re right. UL doesn’t come with an expiry date. As long as you pay the premiums on time, you’re covered. “But if lifelong payment seems like a long commitment, universal life has a clause—quick-pay UL insurance—that allows the insured […]

By Jim Otar |August 1, 2009

3 min read