Tax Strategies

Pitfalls of leveraging

The notion of borrowing money to invest likely isn’t first and foremost on most people’s minds in a down market. But I’ve come across yet another study touting the benefits of leveraging retirement savings. The release of the June 2008 working paper, Life-Cycle Investing and Leverage: Buying Stock on Margin Can Reduce Retirement Risk, written […]

By Jim Otar |February 1, 2009

6 min read

TFSAs and estate planning

Much has been written about the new tax-free savings accounts: the accumulation of tax-free income, the ability to re-contribute withdrawals and the capacity to access funds without impact to federally sponsored benefits. But what happens to the TFSA on death of the TFSA holder? Generally, clients who have a TFSA can name a “successor holder” […]

By Wilmot George |January 19, 2009

4 min read

TFSAs and non-registered accounts

Should clients put their money into a TFSA or a non-registered account? Although the answer may seem obvious, a discussion about why the TFSA is advantageous has its merits. In two respects, TFSAs and non-registered accounts are identical. Account holders must be 18 years or older (technically, there’s no age requirement for non-registered accounts, but […]

By Michelle Munro |January 2, 2009

4 min read

TFSA vs. RRSP: How should your client save?

Come January, one of the biggest questions facing financial planners will be “where should your clients put their money — into TFSAs or RRSPs?” There are obvious and not-so-obvious similarities and differences between the two, and this column will evaluate the comparative advantages and disadvantages of TFSAs as well as show how they can be […]

By Michelle Munro |December 8, 2008

5 min read