Where are the women advisors

Why gender equity builds

stronger advisory teams

Why gender equity builds

stronger advisory teams

Though we’re well into our second decade of the 21st century, a significant gender imbalance still exists among financial advisors.


This infographic looks at why it exists—and how the unique differences between women and men can bring greater diversity and relevancy when advising clients.

Women are largely underrepresented among financial advisors

Currently, female representation is at 15% to 20%1

Female representation Female representation
Female representation

In a perfect world, that number would be 50%

Legacy thinking still prevails within the profession

There remains a belief that men excel in an advisor role vs. women in the same role—one shared by industry leaders and by women themselves.

Among financial executives surveyed


believed men are more likely to have the characteristics needed to be a successful planner2


said women had such an advantage2

Among women surveyed

Women see the advisor role as a possible career opportunity, but too often don’t pursue it.


of female graduates see financial advice as a career option3


said they would consider it3

So, why aren’t women pursuing careers as advisors?

Perception has become her reality.
Years of male dominance within the profession have informed most women’s current belief system.

They can undervalue themselves.

I don’t think I have the skills required.3

Traditional male domination is perceived to exist.

I have a poor impression of the industry.3

The financial industry’s gender gap is long established—and it still exists.

In the search for the 50/50 world, we’re nearing equity in the industry as a whole.

But we’re nowhere close in senior, high-paying roles.

Financial industry workplace overall4





leadership roles5

Senior leadership roles

Among highest
paid positions6

Among highest paid positions

What’s needed now

The industry needs women to see other women in the roles they aspire to, to realize that they, too, can succeed.

I want women in the wealth management industry to know that you can do this. We need you in this industry.

Oricia Smith
President, SLGI Asset Management Inc.
and Senior Vice-president, Investment Solutions, Sun Life Canada

The Challenge

Starting out in a man’s world

The entryway into an advisor role is significantly different for women vs. men.

Women work their way up

Female advisors are more likely to say they were working in the financial services industry previously or as an advisor’s assistant—then transitioned to an advisor role.

Men enter directly out of school

Male advisors are more likely to say they studied finance, investments, or other business programs in post-secondary education.

The Opportunity

Women/Men. 50/50. A potentially perfect balance.

It’s a fact. Female and male brains differ. And that’s a good thing.

Both genders bring their own perspectives to the larger advisor team.

What results is a more comprehensive approach that serves all investors.

Old thinking

Women’s natural ability to connect with people has too often been dismissed as “impractical.”7

New thinking

Six in 10 advisors agree that relationship building is the aspect of their jobs they enjoy most. Women excel at this.8

Women tend to be

Women Empathize9
Talk to communicate feelings and thoughts

Men tend to be

Men Systemize9
Talk to communicate information or ideas

Why are women advisors important?

Women’s increasing wealth.

Among today’s investors, the male/female balance has shifted—
in favour of women.

BY 2025

Expected women’s share of global wealth.10


Assets currently controlled by
Canadian women are expected
to almost double. 11

Women’s financial needs
are underserved, setting the global
wealth management industry back


per year. 12

The truth is, many women investors want to work with women advisors.

When her financial advisor is a woman, a woman investor is 2.5x more comfortable taking investment risks than if her advisor is a man.13

Switch Advisors
80 percent

of widows switch financial advisors within a year of their husband’s death.14

At Sun Life Global Investments,
we see a 50/50 future as 100% attainable.

This begins with overcoming the unique and prevailing systemic challenges women face.

Female advisors are more likely than male advisors to say practice efficiency is a challenge.



Female advisors are more likely than male advisors to say they could use support on client management.



Sun Life Global Investments is committed to supporting women advisors through all phases of their career.

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