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End of housing boom a potential risk to GDP

Residential investment has far outpaced business investment

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Potential tax implications from renting a principal residence

A change in use could result in a deemed disposition

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Disability advocates say budget proposals alone won’t solve DTC access problems

While the new measures are welcome, experts say there are still problems with how the disability tax credit is administered

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TD issuing $1.75B in LRCNs

The notes will bear interest of 3.6% annually for the first five years

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  • July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021
  • 10:39
Businessman has no money. Unemployed and bankrupt man looks into his empty wallet. Stress crisis, unemployed businessmen waiting for new job, recession situation and hopelessness (Businessman has no money. Unemployed and bankrupt man looks into his em

Retail sales dropped 2.1% in May

Sales declined in eight of 11 subsectors, representing 65.6% of retail trade

American dollars

Yellen outlines to Congress emergency measures on debt limit

The measures would seek to avoid an unprecedented default on U.S. national debt

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Fight over Bridging Finance evidence brewing

The OSC is gearing up to oppose claims of improper disclosure

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CFP exam pass rate was 67% in May

First-time writers outdid their peers, with a pass rate of 73%

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  • July 22, 2021 July 22, 2021
  • 16:52
Securities and Exchange trending up

Global banks shaking off Covid-19

Pre-existing conditions continue to dog certain "weak tail" banks, however, BIS finds

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Women accounted for most new EI claims in May: StatsCan

The latest data suggest unequal effects on employment since the pandemic


FSRA proposes fees for title regulation

The model sets out how costs will be shared among credentialing bodies

Stock Market Data. Candle stick stock market tracking graph.

Expect more volatility as expansion continues

Market participants may be more nervous as economies recover at a decelerated pace

house versus cottage

Don’t let real estate add to relationship woes

Consider the tax consequences before transferring property after a separation

How to redirect your printed copy of Advisor’s Edge

If you’re not going to the office, our team can help you

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  • April 1, 2020 February 24, 2021
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FCAC releases new financial literacy strategy

The government agency hopes to make the financial system more accessible and inclusive

Addressing the conflict of proprietary products

Conflicts-related reforms come into effect June 30

As housing prices soar, advisors are adjusting their strategies

Some young clients fear missing out, while older ones may be sitting on unexpected gold mines

ESG interest on the rise, but so is fear of greenwashing

The final day of the RIA conference focused on retail advisors