AE January 2015

January 2015

Tax News

Before gifting assets, clients need to understand the consequences


Ramandeep Banga is a Financial Advisor, at Portfolio Strategies Corporation in Calgary, Alberta.

It's time to replace email. For the past 20 years, it’s been the premier business communication tool. But, carbon copying and promotional offers have led…

Networkers often hear about the importance of an elevator pitch—that quick introduction to your work that’s designed to pique someone’s interest. But will it actually…

We help one advisor market her successful business

Many assistants want to get licensed so they’re more effective on the job.

Psychologists don't just know how to ask hard questions tactfully; they know how to ask the right questions.

For clients who love cars, get them gifts that show you pay attention. But, some gifts are more effective than others.

Jerrod and Penelope met and married when they were employees at a competitor firm. Their financial situations were similar, so they didn’t bother with a…

Industry News

If Katie Keir had sought an advisor after she graduated school, she would’ve failed.

Estate Planning

Before gifting assets, clients need to understand the consequences

If clients aren’t prepared to live past age 90, they risk running out of money

Help your client find his way around a poorly written trust

Market Insights

Activist shareholders can come across as troublemakers. But, studies show companies restructured after activist campaigns tend to outperform.