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Q: Who publishes and Advisor’s Edge?

A: Newcom Media Inc. is our parent company.

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: Advisor’s Edge reaches more than 31,000 credentialed retail financial professionals. The publications help advisors better understand their roles as client-facing fiduciaries and provide them with ideas, motivation and inspiration to do their jobs better.

Q: Who do I contact to receive a media kit?

A: Please fill out the form available here.

Magazine Subscription

Q: Who do I contact to subscribe?

A: You can subscribe online via this link; or email us,; or phone us 1-844-241-0116.

Q: Who do I contact to change my address?

A: You can update your address via this link; or email us,; or phone us 1-844-241-0116.

Q: How often is Advisor’s Edge published?

A: Advisor’s Edge is published seven times per year.


Q: Who do I contact to change my email address or cancel my e-newsletter?

A: To access your subscription account, go here.

Q: How often are the bulletins published?

A: The AM and PM bulletins are delivered daily, Monday to Friday. also deploys The Weekly Indicator on Fridays and Breaking News bulletins as needed.


Q: Who should I contact with editorial inquiries?

A: Mark Burgess, managing editor, at

Q: Do you publish in French? If so, who should I contact?

A: Yes. Our sister site is If you’d like more information, contact Kathy Liotta, National Account Rep, at

Reprints and article sharing guidelines

Q: Can I obtain reprints of articles?

A: Yes. Direct reprint requests to Include your name, company, article details (headline, date, page number[s], and publication), purpose or use for the article, and number of reprints you need.

Q: Am I allowed to reproduce articles?

A: All content on the website is for personal and non-commercial use. Readers are not permitted to copy and paste an article, or portions of the article, into an email, blog post, newsletter or other electronic or print media for distribution. However, readers are permitted to share links to articles. You may share the URL itself, or share it as a hyperlink.

Readers who would like to share a PDF of an, Advisor’s Edge or Advisor’s Edge Report article must pay a reprint fee. Please email for more information.

You are permitted to print 10 or fewer copies of articles that appear on the site for distribution to clients or team members. However, larger distributions, distributions at large client meetings or other events require payment of reprint fees. Please email for more information.

Last updated June 2022.