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To be competitive, Canada must address payroll barriers to remote work

Simplified tax reporting was one solution floated in a report by PwC


A little-known TFSA tip for year-end tax planning

This strategy can work well for wealthy clients with large TFSA balances

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A primer on tax and cryptocurrencies in Canada

Whether earnings from crypto are considered business income or a capital gain depends on the holder’s behaviour


TFSA limit for 2022 released

Find out how much clients can contribute

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Tax moves to watch as Parliament returns

Jamie Golombek breaks down the government's priorities

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B.C. court grants injunction on incoming DTC advisor fee-cap rules

Feds' $100 cap on fees for helping clients apply for the DTC was set to become effective Nov. 15

U.S.-based funds set to pay out big year-end distributions: Morningstar

Report suggests investors consider delaying purchases until after distributions are made

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Tax-efficient drawdowns of RESPs

Help this client and her daughter maximize their savings account

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CPP maximum pensionable earnings for 2022 announced

The CRA also updated the RRSP dollar limit

  • By: Staff
  • November 1, 2021 November 1, 2021
  • 14:48
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What’s in and what’s out, as Biden offers scaled-back plan

President Joe Biden outlined Thursday a US$1.75-trillion framework

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Nova Scotia eyeing taxes for homebuyers coming from outside the province

Additional taxes may not deter out-of-province investors

Wheeling his way into recovery

RRSP rollover into an RDSP can provide tax savings

Helping families plan with an RDSP gives advisors a broad topic of conversation with clients


Inflation to persist over near term, Mintz says

University of Calgary economist says we're in a period of stagflation

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Nearly 140 countries reach deal on corporate minimum tax

The deal aims to make sweeping changes to how big, multinational companies are taxed, deterring profit stashing


A Tax Court lesson in saving receipts

Expense claims are possible without receipts, but it’s an uphill battle


CRA announces interest rates for Q4

The prescribed rate on loans to family members remains set at 1%

  • By: Staff
  • September 27, 2021 September 27, 2021
  • 15:15
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Democrats see tax “framework” to pay for huge US$3.5-trillion package

The next step is narrowing the menu of tax possibilities, focusing on measures likely to pass

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Liberals may be more open to NDP tax proposals in new Parliament, experts say

Advisors will be watching for taxes targeting high earners, capital gains and wealth inequality

Election 2021: Where the parties stand on financial issues

Here’s what's been proposed for financial institutions, taxes, housing and more

NDP capital gains tax proposal would raise $45B over 5 years: PBO

The party pledged to increase the capital gains inclusion rate to 75%

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Democrats seek corporate, wealthy tax hikes for $3.5T plan

The proposed top tax rate would revert to 39.6% on couples earning more than $450,000

Wheeling his way into recovery

Tory pledge to expand DTC eligibility would cost $177M over five years

Promise to extend sickness benefits would cost $4B over the same time period

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NDP’s proposed wealth tax would generate $60 billion over five years: PBO

The party has pledged a 1% tax on those with over $10 million in wealth

Greens would tax financial transactions, close capital gains “loopholes”

The party would also cap the small business tax rate at 9% but raise the corporate tax rate to 21%

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Liberals propose 15% minimum tax on highest earners

The party platform also calls for a new financial sector ombudsperson with binding arbitration power