Freeland says capital gains proposal will be tabled before summer break

The government says that even if a bill has not yet passed, the change will take effect on June 25

By Nojoud Al Mallees, The Canadian Press |May 21, 2024

2 min read

Cap gains hike will hit estate-planning trusts hard

Capital gains not flowed out to beneficiaries are "trapped" in the trust at death

By Rudy Mezzetta |May 17, 2024

4 min read

Liberal tax promise tracker, post-2024 budget edition

Feds won't change tax treatment for REITs, and the status of other major tax proposals from the Trudeau government

By Melissa Shin |May 14, 2024

5 min read

Realizing capital gains for CCPCs before June 25

Business owner’s compensation is one of several factors to consider

By Benjamin Felix  and  Mark Soth |May 8, 2024

5 min read