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CRA fines Quebec man nearly $500K for tax evasion

The man used fraud to avoid payment

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Annual wealth tax in Canada would generate $5.6B, budget officer says

Almost 14,000 families would pay the tax on financial assets over $20 million

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Cohabitation and property division in Ontario

The pandemic provides an opportunity for client discussion

Multi generation black family watching sport on TV at home

A tax strategy about nothing

What Seinfeld can teach us about the value of staying the course

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Comparing Canadian and U.S. Covid-19 measures for retirees

U.S. taxpayers received greater relief for their retirement accounts

Wooden cubes tax with canadian dollar

CRA reduces prescribed rates for third quarter

The decrease creates new opportunities for tax planning


PBO report shines light on haves vs have-nots

In wake of report, NDP and Green Party renew call for wealth tax

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What clients should know about CERB

Rules govern coordination with other benefits, repayment

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Help for the social-cause sector during Covid-19

These organizations’ structures dictate CRA compliance and pandemic support


Why to avoid a foreign executor

In most cases the additional costs — and headaches — aren’t worth it

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Court case shows how much can go wrong with T5008 slip

A taxpayer was told he owed $4.1 million in taxes

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How to unlock a life income fund

If clients need liquidity, there are options

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Canadians with disabilities will receive $600 from feds

The one-time payment is for increased costs related to support workers during the pandemic

CRA extends tax filing relief to corporations and trusts

T2 and T3 filers now have until Sept. 1

How small businesses without employees get shut out of benefits

More support is needed to cope with the pandemic

Long-term care and the principal residence exemption

Can your client claim the PRE after moving to assisted living?

When does an enduring power of attorney become active?

Knowing the answer will help you and your client prepare for incapacity

TOSI exceptions for your business-owner client

Find out what the CRA says about investment income and selling a business

New trust reporting and disclosure rules are coming

The idea of a “private” trust will slip from the vernacular in 2021, as the government gains new information