AE October 2016

October 2016

Melissa Shin

Hint: it involves regulatory arbitrage.

Tax News

Current combined personal tax rates are higher than corporate rates, so there is an inherent tax incentive for business owners to incorporate.

Client profile Georgi Balev*, 50, just got laid off. He was a senior manager at a major engineering firm in Ottawa, Ont., where he had…

Katie Keir

A young advisor Brandon explains how caters to a niche audience

Estate Planning

How to navigate this delicate issue in estate planning

Most Canadians are familiar with the duties of an estate executor. But what are the duties of the trustee? And what happens if the trustee…

Verbal promises before death can trigger disputes


A young advisor Brandon explains how caters to a niche audience

You’ve watched from afar as your client’s children grew up. Now, the client’s eldest son is getting married. You’re invited to the wedding—a white-tie affair…

Jennifer is an engineer who has been working at a Vancouver firm part-time while caring for her ill father. But her dad recently died and…

Occupation principal at iLearn DL Secondary School City Surrey, B.C. Age 34 I’ve been investing for: 10 years Investable assets: more than $250,000 How long…

Industry News

Hint: it involves regulatory arbitrage.

Coreen Sol Coreen Sol is vice-president, portfolio manager at CIBC Wood Gundy in Kelowna, B.C. She serves more than 400 clients. Her practice is based…

8 strategies to help clients protect assets