Winter insurance tips

By Staff | January 10, 2014 | Last updated on January 10, 2014
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Water is the number one cause of insurance claims, ranking far ahead of fire and theft, says Intact Insurance.

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As much of Canada heads into a weekend of above-average temperatures and rain, here are some pointers to pass along to clients to help ensure they won’t have to file a claim for water damage come Monday.

  • Clear eaves troughs of any obstruction that could keep water from flowing to the downspout.
  • Make sure that the water run-off from downspouts is at least two metres away from the foundations.
  • Shovel around doors and basement windows.
  • If water is accumulating along the foundations, break up any ice that may be keeping it from running off.
  • If necessary, clear ice and snow off the roof. Use a roof rake or hire a qualified professional.

Let clients know what their policies covers and what additional protection is available for loss or damage caused by water leaking in through the roof, doors, windows, or foundations, or caused by a sewer back-up.


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