An asteroid may strike Earth, but clients still need plans

By Staff | October 18, 2013 | Last updated on October 18, 2013
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Ukranian astronomers say an asteroid may hit Earth in less than 20 years, reports Russian news service RIA Novosti.

The asteroid is about 400 metres wide, and is predicted to hit our planet August 26, 2032. The force of the collision would be equivalent to setting off “2,500 megatons of TNT – 50 times greater than the biggest nuclear bomb ever detonated,” scientists told RIA Novosti.

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So do clients still need financial plans?

RIA Novosti says the odds of the asteroid crossing paths with Earth is 1 in 63,000.

Meanwhile, it’s much more likely your clients will live to age 100: for a Canadian man born in 1911, the odds were 1 in 333; for a Canadian woman born in the same year, they were 1 in 25.

And for clients banking on a big lotto payday? Tell them the chances of winning the lottery are more than astronomical: in 2009, the CBC pegged the odds at 1 in 14 million.

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