CSA says it wants to reduce regulatory burden

By Staff | April 6, 2017 | Last updated on April 6, 2017
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Interested in reducing regulatory burden? The CSA wants to hear from you.

Canada’s securities regulators are seeking comments on possible ways to reduce regulatory burden for capital markets issuers that aren’t investment funds.

“Regulatory requirements and the associated compliance costs should be proportionate to the regulatory objectives sought,” Louis Morisset, CSA chair, says in a statement. “The purpose of this consultation is to identify potential ways to reduce regulatory burden in the public markets without compromising investor protection or the efficiency of the capital markets.”

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CSA is seeking comments on consultation paper 51-404, and says possible options to pull back regulatory include:

  • expanding the application of streamlined rules for smaller reporting issuers;
  • reducing the regulatory burden associated with prospectus rules and the offering process;
  • reducing some disclosure requirements;
  • eliminating overlap in potentially duplicative regulatory requirements; and
  • enhancing the electronic delivery of documents.

The CSA says it is also looking at reducing regulatory burden for investment funds, with one option being less disclosure.

Comments should be submitted by July 7.

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